Europe was united, while Ukraine was divided

Europe was united, while Ukraine was divided

At a time when Europe is threatened by a conflict on the border with Ukraine, European nations are divided about the response. Minister Hoekstra called the EU ‘united’, not yet agreed. Bernard Hummelberg talks about this with Rem Gordev, a senior European researcher at the Klingendale Institute. Europe correspondent Kirt John Hahn receives the latest news.

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Italian presidential election

Almost in the Vatican style, Italy elects a new president. More than a thousand delegates are due to meet in Rome on Monday to elect. The big question is whether ‘Super Mario’ Draghi will give up the tumultuous PM post for a peaceful presidency. Our guest, Catherine de Vries, is Professor of Political Science at the University of Milan Poconi.

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Postma in the United States

After announcing the retirement of Stephen Fryer, President Biden may elect a Supreme Court judge. Biden now faces the election promise he made during the South Caroline primaries: to appoint a black woman. You ask American correspondent John Postma.

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