England players don't listen to racists, keep working

England players don’t listen to racists, keep working

England players refuse to listen to racists who believe they should not kneel before a match to protest racism. According to national coach Gareth Southgate, the players will participate in the European Campion ride with their work. According to the coach, they are “more motivated than ever.”

For Conservative MP Lee Anderson, the anti-racism campaign is a reason not to watch national team matches during the upcoming European Championship. According to Anderson, players will alienate “traditional supporters” by protesting against racism. Another conservative deputy, Brendan Clark Smith, says supporters are “sick of rhetoric”.

During a friendly match against Austria last Wednesday, the players’ anti-racism move drew boos from some English “fans”. Their refusal soon faded into cheers and cheers from the rest of the audience.

“When you get booed because players are on one knee, you are part of the problem that the players are protesting against,” famous former striker and former national team captain Gary Lineker said.

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