Emil Rattleband is unhappy with a documentary about his life: "It has become a one-sided picture!"  † Arnhem

Emil Rattleband is unhappy with a documentary about his life: “It has become a one-sided picture!” † Arnhem

ARNHEM – Positive educator Emil Rattleband is not happy with the documentary about his life that appeared on streaming service Videoland this weekend. He describes the documentary as “very bad”.

It should have been a nice document for his children and grandchildren. A three-part documentary that would strip all prejudice about it, and paint a picture of who their “father and grandfather really are.” In short, a positive legacy in the film titled: Op Hete Kolen.

“It was agreed”

, , Agreed with Videoland. It will accumulate from the past to the present and depict all the traits of my character as a manager, businessman, philanthropist, and father. “They just didn’t stick to it,” says Rattleband of Thailand, where he’s been living for a while.

The well-known Dutchman of Arnhem origin is very disappointed with documentary filmmaker Roy Dames, who is known, among other things, for the documentary Foute Vrienden. While Rattleband sees himself as tough, loving, businessman, and romantic, he finds the film focusing on prejudices about him. “It became a one-sided picture with confirmation of many preconceived notions that live around my person,” Rattleband says.


It has become a one-sided picture with confirmation of the many prejudices that live around my person.

Emile Rattleband

For example, he states that of the 25 people the lady is said to have met, only two can be seen in the documentary. The director only used four minutes of 2,500 hours of old footage. Eighty files containing newspaper clippings did not make it onto the film. , but my ex-wife was featured in 15 of the 120-minute documentary. In short, too bad and unworthy of Roy Dams,” says Rattleband.

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