Elon Musk's Twitter promises more space for opinions and less bots |  Technique

Elon Musk’s Twitter promises more space for opinions and less bots | Technique

“Can you buy Twitter?”

The Tesla CEO asked millions of his followers in March if they thought Twitter was doing enough for free speech. “The result of this poll is very important, so vote with caution.” More than 70% of the more than two million voters answered “No.”

On the same day, Musk received a private message from a ‘TJ’ (PDF). This is according to sources from Bloomberg Musk’s ex-wife, Tallulah Riley. “Can you buy Twitter and delete it please?” she asked. Or can you buy Twitter and make it radically pro-freedom?

Musk replied cautiously in the agreement, “Maybe you buy it and change it to properly support freedom of speech.”

Elon Musk

Slightly less rigorous checking of tweet content

Other ways, too, are on the door of a mask with this idea. In the end, after consulting with former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, he decided to make an offer. Musk wants Twitter to be removed from the exchange. He says this is the only way he can make drastic adjustments to the network.

To give people more freedom of speech, Musk wants slightly less strict rules about moderating messages. Critics have previously expressed takes care about this approach. According to them, loosening control over messages could lead to minorities on Twitter being more affected by bullying behaviour.

Musk believes that people should be able to say the craziest things, as long as they stay within the limits of the law. “Twitter cannot become a place where you can say everything without consequences,” he explained on Thursday. “On our platform, you have the opportunity to decide for yourself what to see based on your preferences.”

The entrepreneur compares this approach to films you can go to, ranging from films for all ages to films with minimal age. However, the exact approach to this idea remains unclear at the moment.

Spam accounts and bots are not welcome

Then there’s something else high on Musk’s list: spam and fake accounts. Even the Twitter takeover almost deviated from the topic, because according to the 51-year-old businessman, Twitter did not provide clarification on the number of fake accounts on the network.

Under Musk, Twitter will be tougher against these types of accounts and bots. “In any case, having a Trolls army would have to be much more expensive.” Entrepreneur wants to get users to pay for a verified account. Their tweets will be placed higher in the overview by the Twitter algorithm.

For example, Musk has a number of ideas he hasn’t discussed in detail yet. One thing seems certain now: Musk won’t pay $44 billion to leave Twitter as is.

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