Eloise Van Oranje debuts on talk show: 'Totally Fun'

Eloise Van Oranje debuts on talk show: ‘Totally Fun’

During the conversation, the daughter of Prince Constantine and Princess Laurentian tells that her parents are very proud of the book. Eloise reveals that they co-wrote quite a bit. “Of course my parents watch me (…) My mother has a lot of experience writing books, so she was very critical of the language, but she received only good criticism – which is very nice.”

A place has been reserved for them at the word of thanks. “I am very happy with my parents, they are always there for me and give me space to make mistakes,” the social media star said.

Learning via the app is a complete and personal lifestyle guide to all that Eloise has experienced since she got back on her feet; From clothes to studying, from leaving the house to makeup and from recipes to self-confidence tips. All the answers to all these questions are collected in this personal book filled with fun tales, photos from the past and favorite recipes. For example, Eloise explains how she finds her way to a new place after moving, which is where her love for old clothes and what her favorite beauty and grooming cosmetics are.

Eloise: “But looks and things aren’t everything, I think the inside is just as important. That’s why I also talk about how to make sure I feel comfortable in my own skin, and how self care I do and how do I deal with negative reactions, for example.”

Last but not least: an important part of the book consists of food and cooking. “Since I went to hotel school, I’ve been cooking more and more and discovering things in the kitchen,” says Princess Beatrix’s first grandson. “In food class, I share fun memories and anecdotes about food from my childhood, and then I share some easy recipes that anyone can make! Because believe me, if I can do it, you can too. To my mom’s French bread, everything will pass.”

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