Ellen Colors to over 6000 Instagram followers: 'I have followers from Italy to America'

Ellen Colors to over 6000 Instagram followers: ‘I have followers from Italy to America’

Colorful books for adults, who has not seen them? Ellen started working many years ago, and successfully. His colorful pages are now loved by over 6000 followers. “My colorful pages are colorful, cheerful and solid,” says Ellen.

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“It brings a lot of peace and a kind of memory. You do it, in the meantime you can not worry too much about everything, then I’m fine, Jen. I am always looking for new techniques or colors together. “

The beginning

Until hearing about colorful books, finding a hobby was a challenge for Ellen. “I am very bedridden due to physical issues. I lie in bed for about twenty hours a day. You need to find a hobby that you can do with one hand and you enjoy it. I found it so hard, it took me a while. Until a neighbor told me she was busy with colors, I thought; I can try it too. It’s been six years since I started, “said Ellen.

“I started with colorful books for adults and it became more and more fun. Once I got other books or books from abroad. I started to see it on Instagram, and more and more inspiration and people are doing this. That way you can play a part in it, ”he added.

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Photo: Ellen Sheldon Frank

First coloring page

Ellen has colored a lot of maps since then, but she will not soon forget her first. “I did it with markers. It’s a zone from a book I got for my birthday. This is very simple with markers like yours. Looking back now, it makes me laugh, but you have to start somewhere. I wanted to do it right away, I started to see it as fun, and wanted more and more. I too was inspired and thought by others; That’s how I like to do it. This has now become my biggest hobby. ”

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Instagram hit

Besides coloring, she got another hobby: Instagram. That’s a good move. “I have a very large closet in the living room with all the pages in color. I didn’t really do anything with it. That’s why I started Instagram, so people in the color world see them.”

Ellen now has over 6000 followers, with whom she shares her maps. “I’m really proud, I never expected that. It’s not even 40 people I know, the rest are all strangers. There are people from Italy to the United States who follow me, which is so awesome!”

“In the world of color, the reactions from both sides are always so beautiful and positive. This is how friendship develops, which is definitely so wonderful.”

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Photo: Ellen Sheldon Frank


What does Ellen want to convey with her colorful pages, does she have a specific message? “I hope it makes people happy. I can persuade people to try it. It may seem a little boring, but you can put a lot of creativity into it. You can use your creativity well without drawing or drawing anything freehand. It really gives me satisfaction.”

Critical eye

Ellen is a perfectionist when it comes to her happy colorful pages. “I always look at it with a critical eye. I think I can always be nice or beautiful. I have to be realistic too, I have all these followers for a reason and then there will be something beautiful about it. For that I do what I can, but I have always been a perfectionist. ”

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Photo: Ellen Sheldon Frank


Her inspiration? It comes from different angles. “I like to color flowers, and the nature around me inspires me greatly. But by scrolling on Instagram, I also get a lot of ideas in my head. I have to have a passion for that.”

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“I am very proud of what I have achieved. Eight years ago, a low point, now is how I stand in life. Coloring definitely contributed to that, which is something that should catch me off guard. It would run like a thread in those years. ”

Color ambitions

Ellen certainly has ambitions. “I love to color charts in children’s books, for example, it looks so much fun. But it’s definitely an ambition to paint like a photo. I like to practice it, I want to learn different tactics, I can take a specific course, so I can do this. I’m definitely not tired yet, I want to do a lot more! “

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