Duncan Lawrence climbs the Billboard Hot 100

Duncan Lawrence climbs the Billboard Hot 100

Duncan has been listed in the United States for eleven weeks now. He made his debut in early April, becoming the first Eurovision winner in 45 years. The last hit Eurovision song in the United States was ‘O O … Just a Little Bit’ written by British Gina G since 1996, thanks to Carlo & Irene in the Netherlands. Those who have their own version every week in the late nineties Telekits Opened with.

A Dutch artist, with the exception of DJs, rarely breaks down in the United States. In the last twenty years, there have been only four before Duncan. In 2002, D.J. Doo topped the list when Sammy provided the voices for the remix “Heaven”. In 2011, Eva Simons was able to do a single ride with Afrojack and Mr. In 2014, German DJ. Props made this list when Robin Schulz remixed his single ‘Waves’.

Like Duncan, only Natalie La Rose made it to the Billboard Hot 100 alone. He was successful in 2015 with the film ‘Someone’.

Duncan is indebted to his growing Dictoc app in the US, where many users have used his song under video. Singers were also allowed on such shows Ellen DeGeneres show Ann The Today Show.

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