Elaine Di Zeeu, the new presenter for NOS Sport |  Displays

Elaine Di Zeeu, the new presenter for NOS Sport | Displays

Eileen De Zeeuw becomes a broadcaster on News Sports. According to the spokesperson, the 31-year-old Di Zeeu is as well News Sports “An addition to the presenting team” and not a replacement for Tom Eggers, who has not appeared on television since March.

De Zeeuw has been a reporter since 2019 news sport, She reported on sporting events such as the European Football Championship, the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games for television and radio. She also provides commentary at gymnastics competitions and has recently also presented on radio in NOS all the way On NPO Radio 1.

“I think sports are great,” Di Zeeu said in a statement. “For the excitement, but also for the journalistic stories behind the sport and the athletes and the way it connects people.” Editor-in-Chief Geert Jaap Hoekmann is happy with the new presenter. “Eileen is a tremendous talent who has proven in recent years that she can tell good sports stories, both on radio and on TV. Above all, with Eileen, we are once again giving someone from our sports editorial team the opportunity to develop further as a presenter.”

Tom Eggers

NOS said in March 2023, following a publication in the Volkskrant newspaper about misconduct in the editorial staff news sport, that Egbers will not appear on television for “a few months.” Since then, NOS has not provided any updates on Egbers' condition. The broadcaster cannot say when this will become clear.

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