Dutchman arrested in Italy at US request on suspicion of aiding “world-famous” DJs in tax fraud |  outside

Dutchman arrested in Italy at US request on suspicion of aiding “world-famous” DJs in tax fraud | outside

The Italian police arrested a 64-year-old Dutchman in the province of Perugia. I did so at the request of the US authorities. The sixty-year-old is accused of conspiracy to commit large-scale tax evasion in the United States.

He is said to have developed serial tax evasion forms on behalf of two “world-famous” electronic dance music DJs living in the United States. The US tax authorities would have suffered more than $100 million.

The fraud used a system of companies and trusts located in tax havens or “uncooperative jurisdictions” for tax purposes. This is what the Italian news agency ANSA reported from the report of the Criminal Investigation Service of Umbria, which is also called the “green heart” of Italy.

New York Attorney General

The prosecutor in the Southern District Court of New York accuses the Dutchman of “conspiracy with the aim of defrauding the government.” US federal tax authorities tracked down the 1960s with an investigation into an organization of “professionals and consultants” who, since 2012, have been dedicated to “developing and offering sophisticated international tax avoidance schemes to high-income clients from around the world.” For the Italian detective report.

According to Ansa, the fact that the suspect could be in the province of Perugia is due in part to the exchange of information between the Italian Financial Police (GDF) and the liaison officer at the embassy in Washington. The police organization Interpol tipped off two possible whereabouts for the Dutchman, one of which was in Valfabrica.

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A car with a Dutch registration

members Carabinieri Went to look at the address in question several times and saw a “car with many cylinders” and a Dutch license plate there on Thursday. Suspecting that the suspect might have been in the building – where, according to the information received, he took vacations several times a year – they took action. The cops rang the doorbell and came face to face moments later with the wanted Dutchman. They arrested him and took the sixties to their station in their district of Assisi, about 15 kilometers to the south.

After being interrogated, he was taken to a prison in Perugia. The suspected fraud will remain there for the time being pending a US extradition request.

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