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Strengthening using setbacks, Goen Kuvener won, he says at The Dutch Clubhouse. I used the point where I had to stand aside to see myself better. Am I doing things right, and what else should I do? ‘
The answer to that question is known to the 23-year-old golfer as the training beast. ‘I work very hard and often hit balls for many hours. But sometimes I’m a little dreamer too, and have trouble concentrating my attention. I decided to practice a little less hours, but then if I focus too much it will give better results in the end. ‘


And fewer injuries, because Couvenar also struggled with a wrist injury before he came to the profession last October, meaning he missed the ELTK at Hilvers. All of those training sessions have demanded a lot from my body, and it has changed. I give everything for my game and I will definitely do it regularly, but no longer the best amount. I trained eight hours a day and then went to the gym because I thought that was the only way to get well. ‘


Three months ago, during surgery on his wrist, a swelling in the connective tissue and joints was removed. The courier must first leave his wrist full, and then he can begin to put on. “I set some technical goals and spent a lot of hours on them. It was not in vain because I have made great progress.”
Recently Kuvenar was allowed to hit the balls again for the first time. A wonderful feeling and it went remarkably well right now. I’ve hit a lot of balls in recent years, and apparently I’ve built a good foundation on my swing. I wonder how well I can hit the ball. ‘

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A week before the B-NL Challenge Trophy in the Esbjerg challenge in Denmark, Koenig hoped to return. “It would have been nice to play in Denmark, but I don’t want to take any risks. I’m glad the P-NL Challenge Trophy will be my first match.”
Even with little competitive rhythm, he thinks he can make a shot at the title. “I honestly think I have a chance to win. I know the Dutchman well, keep the course record (62) and know how the lines on the greens run. At a Dutch Open on the European tour you will not hear me say that I belong to the competition, I do not think it is realistic, but challenging I can participate in the tour upstairs. ‘


With the ability to play in matches again, Kuvener looks forward to it. “I’m not too tired of that wrist injury because I know it’s right and the golf game is fortunately too long. But it’s incredibly useless if you can not do the most beautiful and beautiful things out there due to injury. ‘
Koenig hopes that he can be promoted to a European tour in 2022 in the challenging tournaments that he will be able to play this year at the invitation of the NGF. . Promoting through a challenging tour will certainly not be easy, but it certainly is not impossible. Winning one match and another good result, it can happen just like that. ‘

United States

The 23-year-old Pro has also set his sights on the US Round Round Corn Ferry Tour under the PGA Tour. I am going on the Q-School of Korn Ferry Tour at the end of September. Since I made the cut at the KLM Open in 2019, I don’t have to pre-qualify. I will start with the first phase, then move on to the second phase and the final. ‘
In that final, the Top-40 gets the right to play on the PGA Tour in 2022. ‘Yes, if I win I will definitely go to America. My career golf and PGA tour was the highest I could get. ‘

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