Dutch Culture on Wheels in America |  02

Dutch Culture on Wheels in America | 02

The orange colored limousine has an amazing look

A barracks limousine is usually rare, let alone an orange vehicle. But did not wake up Novosal Castle In the state of Alabama. Here in America's Deep South, it's the most commonplace thing in the world to see an impressively pimped six-door Cadillac. Honoring Dutch Air Force students has been a tradition for more than two decades.

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'Many people turn their heads when we drive by'

Op Novosal CastleCradle of America Military Aviation, training to become an Apache pilot is offered among others. Also, for Dutch pilots with a special heritage with an orange limousine. They drive to the Netherlands in style with this striking vehicle Airplane, but also for nearby towns, parties and celebrations. “Even though everyone has their own car, we're happy to fill nine seats together,” says first lieutenant pilot-in-training Martijn.

In Alabama they are used to it now. “Many more turn their heads as we pass. Especially when we're honking.”

'We want our Dutch culture to stay with us'


This Cadillac isn't the first vehicle launched in 2003. “At that time the students found four doors and decorated it with orange paint, LED lights and a disco ball,” says Martijn. Each class bought a car from the previous class and added new parts to give the vehicle their own accent.

Orange was chosen not unfairly. It expresses the connection with the royal house. The color goes back to William of Orange, who was crowned Prince of Orange in 1544. According to Martijn, the unusual color “just stands out”. As a result, the vehicle is rounder and rounder Novosal Castle A remarkable appearance. “It's for fun, but it's also about keeping our Dutch culture with us in America.”

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On either side of the orange limousine were five aspiring pilots, four young men and a young woman.


In the end it was the first to extend, which served generations of pilots, was completely worn out. This brightly colored souvenir now stands in front of the 301 Squadron building at Gilze-Rijen Air Base. “Every morning we saw that orange Cadillac and dreamed about it Novosal Castle Go,” reflects the lieutenant pilot-in-training.

Shortly after the worn-out Cadillac was brought to the Netherlands, the next batch bought a new one. An orange limousine. The 'Dutch Limo' has officially become a tradition.

A new limo was purchased next to nothing

Third in a row

The current vehicle is the third in a row and will be purchased by the current pilot class in 2023. “When we got here, the van looked broken. We all decided to build a new one right away. An old one was bought through social media. The limousine was painted orange with a spray can, but it failed. It needed a new coat of paint, and the sun The color fades very quickly and it stays on very well now.

A set of horns was also installed, from which 'Wilhelmus' was occasionally sounded. Children especially love it, Martijn knows. “When driving, we often get good reactions and that's why we do it. Everyone has a good time, we spread a bit of Dutch culture, we ride in style. And in keeping with tradition, 'Dutch Limo' Also sold to the next batch of aspiring pilots.

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