Dozens of cars drifting in mudslide - Belgian cities have been completely blown away again

Dozens of cars drifting in mudslide – Belgian cities have been completely blown away again

The cities of Dinant, Namur and Wallon took the full blow. In Dinant, the mudslide swept away dozens of cars that swept entire streets. The area around the train station in particular was submerged for at least half a meter. He told the Belgian newspaper Robert Closet of the Dinant Ship Company (a member of the local council) that the damages are expected to be significant Standard.

In the same place as the photo above, the next day, the water receded. A woman is looking for her clothes.Environmental Protection Agency’s photo

In Namur, according to Mayor Maxime Prevot, the situation was “worse” than last week’s storm. The left bank of the Meuse was particularly affected this time. The floods caused gas leaks, fires, fuel oil leaks, extensive damage to roads and collapsed walls.

According to Prevo, his priorities were to rescue people, monitor the stability of homes, and remove rubble to prevent landslides. The city of Namur has made emergency housing available to people who can no longer enter their homes.

Football match canceled

The Liege region, which was hit hard by rising waters last week, made a reasonable escape this past weekend. In Flanders, it wasn’t too bad compared to Wallonia. According to Nijlen and the Lier region near Antwerp, there have been difficulties Antwerp newspaper With most floods. The streets were flooded, the cellars were flooded, but the water did not rise much more.

Due to the bad weather, the football match of Bierchut’s team against Cercle Brugge in Antwerp had to be stopped because rain and hail made the stadium unplayable. The Belgian border street between Bolin and Grobendonk and even the Dutch border crossing was completely flooded.

No deaths were reported as of Sunday evening. At least 37 people died in Belgium’s floods last week.