Double Vision: Maxima and Matilda in the same clothes (Part 3)

Double Vision: Maxima and Matilda in the same clothes (Part 3)

In terms of personality they couldn’t be more different. However, Mathilde and Máxima are regularly seen in very similar outfits. KJelka from Garderobe Royale and Josine from Fashion Queen Máxima went together to hunt for the royal copies. In this blog you will see four examples again.

Josine: “Around 2015, fashion house Natan worked a lot with gray pencil skirts. Both Maxima and Mathilde ordered one that ended at the waist. Above: A brightly colored top. Mathilde is soft pink, Maxima is yellow. That the design is timeless is evident from the fact that Maxima brought out its design again this week.

(c) KP/PPE

Josine: “With customization, you can decide on every detail yourself. In the dress below you can see that the two queens’ choices are subtly different. For example, Maxima’s orange bodice starts just above her hip, while Mathilde’s skirt ends much higher. Technically, Mathilde’s choice is Better, because the eye focuses on the lightest part of the outfit. In the case of Mathilde, the focus is on the thinnest part of her upper body, while in the case of Maxima the focus is on the widest part (the hip). The second difference: Mathilde does not have a belt, Maxima (for good Luck) has a belt. Third difference: Matilda does not have folded cuffs, but Maxima does.


Jelka: “Although Mathilde and Maxima finished this Natan ensemble in a beautiful floral pattern with a similar headband, the differences here are greater than the similarities. Maxima chose a yellow and navy blue skirt and top, while Mathilde requested a dress with a cropped jacket over it. The Queen also made “The Belgian woman’s clothes look very similar to a kimono, and this was not a coincidence, because she wore it during a state visit to South Korea, and this was also reflected in the colors she chose: dark red and silver grey, as you can see the flag of that country.”

(c) President ZK/PPE

Jelka: “Mathilde in white and Maxima in navy blue prove with this dress that something as simple as color can go a long way in determining the look of a dress. The dress is identical except for the colour. The white on Mathilde looks a little more luxurious than the blue on Maxima, giving a more feminine image.” Relaxed. You can also see this in the beautiful necklace that Maxima wears with this dress, which is an easier task than wearing such large jewelry on something white.


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