Discovering the remains of a giant snake in India

Discovering the remains of a giant snake in India

Indian scientists have discovered a new nightmare: a species of snake so huge that it may have been the largest species ever recorded.

Don't panic; The snake species is now extinct. The remains of this type of snake come from a mine in Gujarat, India. Scientists estimate that the snake lived about 47 million years ago, especially in the same area where the discovery was made. It is called the snake type Vasuki indicator. The first part of the name, Vasuki, refers to the snake hanging around the neck of the Hindu god Shiva. The second part of the name, Indicus, is a reference to the country India. Scientists believe that the length of the snake ranges between 11 and 15 meters. The results of the research were published in the magazine Scientific reports.

So the snake remains come from a mine in India. To be precise: Panandro lignite mine In Coach. A total of 27 vertebrae were found in this mine, most of them in good condition. Scientists measured these vertebrae for research. This measurement shows that the length of the vertebrae ranges between 37.5 and 62.7 mm and its width ranges between 62.4 and 111.4 mm. According to the research, these dimensions indicate that the snake's body was cylindrical. Scientists then used the data obtained to predict the total height via extrapolation. Accordingly, the length of the snake should be between 10.9 and 15.2 metres. Researchers speculate that the enormous size of V. Index This may mean that it moved slowly and acquired its prey, just like modern anacondas, from an ambush rather than by actively hunting it. According to the research, the new snake species belongs to a category madtsuiday-family. This family lived spread throughout Africa, Europe, and India. V. Index It probably belongs to a branch that appeared about 56 to 34 million years ago.

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New types
The results of the study are important because V. Index It symbolizes the branch of the family whose origins go back to India. in addition to, madtsuidayThis family is now extinct, which makes it very special that new species that also belong to this family are still being found.

The biggest ever?
The new species of snake should be quite large in size and could be considered the largest snake ever. However, this is not yet the case;
Scientists are still a bit cautious about classifying this type of snake as the “largest ever.” Since extrapolation is used, the final length is V. Index Still somewhat loose.

Approximate length of V. Index Compatible with snake species Titanoboa cerrejonensis. This type of snake is currently considered the longest species ever, although this may change in the future due to the discovery of… V. Index. Titanoboa cerrejonensis Its average length is about 14 meters, and it weighs more than 1,000 kilograms. This type of snake lived in a completely different part of the world; Not in India, but in the region we know today as Colombia. Scientists speculate so Titanoboa cerrejonensis It was probably large and strong enough to hunt crocodiles. Do you want to learn more about giant animal species? Then take a look here.

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