Disappeared 47-year-old woman lives six months in a nature park by eating grass: "She was so weak" |  abroad

Disappeared 47-year-old woman lives six months in a nature park by eating grass: “She was so weak” | abroad

In UtahA 47-year-old woman was found alive six months ago in a Utah nature reserve. The woman is said to have survived all this time by eating algae and grass.

The woman, whose identity has not been released by the police, was reported missing in November of last year. When a US Forest Service employee found an abandoned vehicle in a parking lot near a wildlife park, he raised the alarm. He wanted to notify the woman that the park would be closed, but it turned out to be in vain. Investigators searched the area for weeks, but were unable to find the missing woman. The woman does not have a family, but according to her colleagues, she suffers from psychological problems.

Last Sunday there was new research. Successfully, because one of the volunteers found the woman in a tent. Reportedly found it in the garden. According to the local police, the woman was “very weak” and “lost a lot of weight.” At first, the woman was able to live on a small amount of food that she brought, but then she ate algae and grass and drank water from a nearby river.

“We are now convinced that she herself decided to stay in the area. Many people would not choose to live in the same conditions, but she did nothing illegal,” the police said. “In the future, she could choose to return to the same area again. Her resources were saved if she took this decision.”

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The tent where the woman stayed all those months. © Utah County Sheriff’s Office

Abandoned woman's car.

Abandoned woman’s car. © Utah County Sheriff’s Office

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