Children killed in a heavy house fire in Brussels |  abroad

Children killed in a heavy house fire in Brussels | abroad

Shortly before 1 o’clock, a fire broke out in a three-story house. When the fire brigade arrived, flames had already erupted through the windows of the first floor and there was already a transmission to the upper floor. The emergency services managed to get everyone in attendance out of the burning building through the stairs.

Two children were found on the first floor and were taken outside with severe burns. They were resuscitated and taken to the Children’s Hospital. There it turned out that all the help provided to the children came too late, the Brussels Public Prosecutor’s office confirms to Neusblad.

Down the balcony

Four other residents of the property were also taken to hospital for smoke poisoning, but they will not be in critical condition. A violent fire started on the first floor, causing the balcony to completely fall. The second floor was also severely damaged as a result of the fire.

So the entire building was declared uninhabitable. The Brussels Public Prosecutor’s Office has appointed a fire expert who must now investigate exactly how the fire started.

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