Direct |  Moderna may increase the amount of vaccine per bottle  Interior

Direct | Moderna may increase the amount of vaccine per bottle Interior

Moderna may increase the amount of corona vaccine per bottle by up to 40 percent. The US biotechnology company has received approval from the FDA, according to The New York Times. In this way, fourteen doses can be obtained from each vial instead of the current ten doses, and vaccination campaigns can be speeded up.

The bottles remain the same, the only thing that changes is the amount of liquid. The production process must be adapted for this purpose. This will take a maximum of ten weeks, expect insiders familiar with the way the company operates.

Moderna provides half of the vaccine supply in the United States. It is already used in Europe. In the Netherlands, general practitioners and residents of small-scale housing types were vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. Our country has ordered a total of 14 million doses.

11.40 The university is testing the Corona AstraZeneca vaccine on children

The University of Oxford will test the vaccine, which the foundation developed with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, on children and young adults. 300 volunteers between the ages of 6 and 17 are required. Researchers want to know if the vaccine is suitable for them, too.

Children usually have few problems with the Coronavirus and usually do not get sick. However, it is important to assess its efficacy and safety, as some children may benefit from the vaccination, ”said lead researcher and professor Andrew Pollard.

Trials begin this month. Up to 240 participants will receive the real vaccine, and the rest will receive a placebo.

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9.15 Vaccination is shown in Israel: The Pfizer vaccine is very effective

A massive coronavirus vaccination campaign in Israel shows that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine is working. This is what writes the Jerusalem Post. Research shows that less than 0.1% of those vaccinated twice still get sick. The vaccine is 93 percent effective, which is somewhat in line with the drug company’s test results itself. This showed 95 percent efficiency.

The study was conducted by Maccabi Healthcare Services, one of the four main healthcare providers in Israel, and has vaccinated more than one million residents. Data as of February 11 shows that of the 523,000 people who have already received a second injection, only 544 have contracted coronavirus. Most of them had few or no symptoms. 15 of them ended up in the hospital. The condition of four of them was described as severe and three as moderate. None of the vaccinated people died doubly.

The data conclusively prove that the vaccine is highly effective. “You have saved many lives of Israelis,” said Miri Mizrahi Ruffini, president of Maccabi.

Israel has been praised worldwide for its active vaccination campaign. In the country, the number of hospitalizations due to Corona has decreased sharply, and the number of Corona deaths aged 60 or over has decreased significantly. Nearly 40 percent of the 9 million people got at least one first injection.

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