Direct Americans or reluctant Canadians

Direct Americans or reluctant Canadians

Despite the corona crisis, entrepreneurs are still looking for opportunities abroad. That’s why we talk about doing business across borders every Tuesday. Today we do business in North America with Esther Johnson, founder of Culture-Inc. And author of the book Doing Business From Here to Tokyo.

Direct Americans or reluctant Canadians

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Business week

There are many opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs, so the Dutch company organizes Business Week USA, Canada and Mexico. Direct Americans or more marginalized Canadians, in North America, may choose Dutch entrepreneurs. Canadians go into more detail on the subject of the case. Americans form and Quick hit It results. ‘In that sense Canada is a little closer to Europe,’ says Johnson. ‘I think we have the same preference in honesty, transparency and common sense. It goes well together. For Canadians: Keep it simple, Be clear and practice it. Do not make all kinds of promises or create expectations. ‘

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Then there is a very important point: do not make politically incorrect jokes. ‘The Dutch make it very easy. Canada is very politically correct. Definitely do not ask about Eskimos and Indians because it is very sensitive. ‘

About doing business at the border

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