Despite his financial worries, Bob gives a free homeless shot  Abroad

Despite his financial worries, Bob gives a free homeless shot Abroad

According to the Vatican, these people are the most vulnerable to infection and should be helped. The vaccination will take place at Aula Paolo VI, the place where the Pope would usually cuddle his crowd.

Previously, the Pope himself had also been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. He is a strong supporter of vaccinations. The Pope once said that Vatican employees should be vaccinated or they could be fired.

The Vatican must cut the corners

And while the Pope is helping the poor with vaccinations, he also announced this week that the salaries of the clergy working for the Vatican should be cut. Cardinals must hand over ten percent of their salaries, the heads and secretaries of Korea’s sub-divisions are eight percent, and members of the clergy are three percent lower in the ecclesiastical hierarchy.

The reason is that the Vatican has much less income due to the Coronavirus. For example, there weren’t the usual millions of euros that the Vatican receives thanks to access to the Vatican Museums, where the Sistine Chapel is usually visited by about six million people each year.

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