Desperate Nikki has a final request in HMMIK

Desperate Nikki has a final request in HMMIK

Nikki and Dave decided to return to Holland from Ireland five years ago and together bought a “renovation house” in the center of Leerdam. “We literally shocked everything,” Nikki told presenter John. “Unfortunately when we started (…) we discovered that the foundation was not right and that the entire floor had to be removed.”

That was five years ago and there is still no floor in the house. Upstairs too, nothing remains of the original house and the floor is full of things – gathering dust – to turn the house into a mansion. Now the spouses can not only live with each other, but also not without each other. Nikki suffers a lot from the situation and sees his health deteriorating day by day: “Somehow I can’t convince Dave to do it, because we often fight.”

When Nikki confronts his partner Dave, his reaction seems consistent, but he decides to do so. “I understand and agree,” says Dave. “But from a certain point, you don’t see it anymore. Shut the door and go downstairs. Then you don’t have to look at it, but I know it has to be done.” Therefore, he sets out to work in a good spirit and helps Nikki too and this time he takes instructions from his partner, rather than the other way around: “It’s unbelievable what was done in one day today (…) I literally see another Dave, completely different. But maybe I am Also Nikki is different: if one of them takes a step back, the other can take a step forward.”

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When Nikki finally sees the full result after a week of work, he gets emotional. Not only does he have a new husband, but he also owns a completely new home. “She’s more beautiful than I could have imagined (…) How wonderful!”

Help my husband is witty It can be watched every Monday at 8.30pm on RTL 4. Tonight’s episode can be watched on RTL XL or Videoland.

John Williams already told RTL Boulevard that it’s going to be a fierce season:

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