Demonstrations in tense atmosphere on Brazil's Independence Day

Demonstrations in tense atmosphere on Brazil’s Independence Day

Reporter Mark Besims:

“Bolsonaro addressed his supporters in Brasilia and will also do so in São Paulo, where he will speak at around 9pm Dutch time on Avenida Paulista, the city’s most famous street. We see images of demonstrations from all over the country, where the pro-Bolsonaro protests tend to be larger than the protests. against Bolsonaro.

“Tension is high, but the demonstrations remain peaceful. The Supreme Court in Brasilia has not been stormed, which some fear, but it is still early. Later today, his speech in São Paulo marks another moment when opportunity presents itself” In Brasilia, the President gave a speech In which he threatened the Supreme Court again, the already toxic relationship between Bolsonaro and the top justices could deteriorate further.”

“The central question is: Did he manage to create the impression from today’s demonstrations that a lot of people are behind him? He needs to, because he is weak. In any case, he seems to know today that many people from the wider area of ​​São Paulo were transported by buses and brought To the city. Anyway, today I expect to see that Volunteer is still alive. And we already knew that.”

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