De Jonge: Don't download the app yet if you don't need it

De Jonge: Don’t download the app yet if you don’t need it

People who are not going on a trip or want to go to an event in the short term should not download the new CoronaCheck app at this time. This is what outgoing Minister De Jonge said in the presentation of the new app, which can now also be used to generate entry tickets based on a full vaccination.

In this way, De Jonge wants to prevent servers from being overloaded. It may be possible to download the application, but an error may occur when retrieving vaccination data if too many people do it at the same time.

In practice, it is now very difficult to obtain a certificate of vaccination. The app’s login page is overloaded and says it’s “too busy” at the moment, and users have complained on social media. Sometimes, even this warning does not appear due to an overload of the server.

million times a day

De Jonge is betting that about a million people can recover their data today. It will also stay at 1 million per day for the coming days, after which the capacity can be slowly increased.

The minister collected his injection data at the show and all went well. Since De Jonge only received one of two injections, he did not receive a green tick giving access to an event. He advised people in the same situation not to download the app for a while. “Don’t do that if you only have one shot. It’s of no use to you anyway.”

No more than a meter and a half

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De Jonge explained that anyone who has been fully vaccinated will be able to access the app from the next day tomorrow, for example, to a festival and won’t have to keep a meter and a half away. From July 1, next Thursday, the app can also be used for travel within Europe.

“It’s the starting point for a beautiful summer, it’s already a milestone,” said the minister. However, there is still a problem of recording all vaccinations in central systems. More than 90 percent are stored in RIVM or GGD computers, but this is not yet the case for about 1 million injections. According to De Jonge, this backlog is now being quickly compensated for.

A newer version of the app will be available soon. It is also possible to create an entry ticket based on a previous infection with the Coronavirus.

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