Meghan Markle wrote a book as a teenager

Meghan Markle wrote a book as a teenager

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Meghan Markle wrote a book as a teenager

The children’s book released this year is not the Duchess’ first book!

Duchess Meghan is currently a hit with her newly published children’s book, but the former actress and Queen appears to have been a writer for a long time.

Children’s book

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan seem to be able to build a life on the other side of the ocean. Next to Netflix deal and their podcast, The Sussex Family is now also a hit in bookstores.

Megans children’s book the seat It tops the list of best sellers in the United States. Meghan drew the book from the relationship between Prince Harry and Archie – and it’s not the first time the Duchess has written a story about her own experience.

first book

Long before Meghan became famous as an actress and as a royal, she actually wrote a piece of prose. She was only 13 or 14 years old at the time, but the book was published.

at A face without freckles, a night without stars (“A face without freckles is like a night without stars”) Megan rhymes how much you love her freckles maintains.

“Some people think freckles are weird, but I don’t agree. Because if I didn’t have freckles, I wouldn’t really be me,” reads the passage we can read in the photos above.

About the author he says in the book:Meghan Markle sitting on Taher Al-Qalb High School In Los Angeles, California, she enjoys watching TV, spending time with her friends, and participating in musicals. Megan wrote this book as a school project and hopes to continue writing throughout her high school years. she wants itIlliterateAnd “Dad,” who made the time and effort to help her. Megan sent the book to the Copyright Office in 1996 and there are a few copies in print.

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Megan’s freckles

Meghan still appreciates her freckles.

“It bothers me when my skin color changes and my freckles go away during a photoshoot,” the actress said in 2017. A night without stars. “Meghan and her dad may not get along right now, but the Duchess owes the title of her first book to him.


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