Cornetto Dragon Limited Edition |  Packaging management |

Cornetto Dragon Limited Edition | Packaging management |

Black package with a burning dragon in the freezer. Attractive first class, especially in the ice cream category. Following the success of last year’s mermaid Cornetto, OLA is releasing the Cornetto Dragon this year.

“The black package with the flaming dragon is really eye-catching.”

What does the dragon have to do with ice cream? OLA says a lot. Because this summer’s ice cream season is all about an amazing fruity blend, which is the name Dragon Croissant he have. Following the success of the Cornetto Mermaid last year, this is the latest limited edition. A black cocoa wafer cone containing a colorful mixture of mango, passion fruit and strawberry ice cream, wrapped in a black package with a flaming dragon on top. It’s a real hit, inside and out, says Robin Misdorp, ice cream man for OLA, Unilever, that you just want to burn your hands this summer.

mystical touch

“Like last year with Cornetto Mermaid, this year we did a lot of work for Dragon initially to understand the next trend among teens and young adults. With the help of our data team and some trend reports, we got more than one option for the upcoming Limited Edition Cornetto and among the many alternatives we found to be Dragon is the strongest.She had the same mystical touch as the mermaid, says Corneto Europe brand manager Sophia Bouglione.

From design to communication

Cornetto Dragon has a striking packaging: Black. Where the classic cornetto is topped with nuts, the cornetto dragon was chosen, in complete elegance, for the black cocoa cookies, which look like crunchy charcoal. This, along with trends in entertainment, fashion and games, has inspired designer Natalya Chemerilova of Kayna Art Agency to create original and distinctive packaging design, within Unilever’s guidelines. Unilever has already worked with her before. Buglione: “Natalia has helped us with many projects, but for Cornetto Dragon, she is working with us for the first time since the beginning of creative innovation. From packaging design to communication.

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oriental touch

The Russian designer explains the thinking behind this distinctive design. The mission was: to create a modern and clear design that stood out among other Cornetto products. The design had to be modern and at the same time we wanted to add a little mystery and an oriental cultural touch. That’s why I also changed the logo, now it’s the golden red dragon. Gold and red look great on black. These colors also represent the dragon’s fire. Chemerilova translates Unilever brand values ​​into design. I love working at the Cornetto brand. For me, it represents clarity, love, youth and also classics that move with the times. What you often find most difficult is choosing the final design. I really enjoy coming up with different ideas. The biggest challenge for me is choosing the best idea, because we usually create a lot of options. So Corneto’s team has been a great help during this process.”

“Gold and red look great on black”

‘Exciting bang’

Trends in entertainment, fashion and games. Drink tattoos, games like Age of Ashes and the buzz around the release of Game of Thrones’ sequel, House of the Dragon, were instrumental in developing this special limited edition. Corneto Dragon wakes up on the frozen shelf, says Robin Misdorp.

Since 1960

Cornetto is an OLA ice cream that is part of Unilever. The brand has been around since 1960. OLA is part of “The Heartbrand”, the world’s most famous ice cream logo. This logo is used in more than 50 countries around the world and each country has its own ice cream name. You have Wales in the UK, Streets in Australia, Kebon in Brazil, Langnese in Germany, and OLA in Holland. Under the OLA flag, you will find, in addition to Cornetto, well-known brands such as Magnum, Solero, Calippo, Festini and Raket.

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