See: Dutch celebrities put dad in the spotlight on Father's Day

See: Dutch celebrities put dad in the spotlight on Father’s Day

Marco Borsato

Singer Marco Borsato is posting a three and a half minute slideshow with photos of his family on Instagram today. “Today is Father’s Day! Five of us are one family! is the introductory text of the video. Then come the pictures with his children Luca, Sina and Jada and their mother Leontine.

Claudia de Brij

My father is a great father. A very elegantly dressed Utrecht street villain, a poet lost in the business world, a musician and linguist and a nice guy who taught me “If you become a hole maker, you will be the best hole maker in the world,” Claudia writes, among other things, about her father.

Jodi Bernal

Singer Jodi Bernal got a nice breakfast in bed from his kids.

Trijntje Oosterhuis

“Dear, you’re a great dad and a great reward dad! Grateful to have you in our lives! Trengage writes about her love for Alvin Lewis pictured below.

Samantha Stenwick

In no way can Father and Grandfather Samantha Stenwick be mistaken for Father’s Day after Max Verstappen’s win.

Rolf Sanchez

Many followers find Rolf Sanchez to be very similar to his father.

Kim Finstra

“I’m so proud to see you two. And if you come while I’m at work, my heart lights up. Love always wins. Brooklyn is our guide,” writes model Kim Finstra in the photo series below.

Winston Gershtenowitz

Presenter Winston Gerstanovich shares beautiful photos of three (different) generations.

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