[Column] Please vaccinate

[Column] Please vaccinate

EDE Politicians and businessmen cannot be trusted. No vaccinations. This is what many people think. These people are more confident in themselves.

Nand Eskise

Good, but trusting yourself too much is not wise. Because everyone knows only a little. And what do you know is this true? Today, every opinion is true. Which you can equate to other opinions, because it is also facts. But that is not true.

Three facts I am a computer programmer. As a programmer you know there are three facts. You can put the lines of the program one by one, you can repeat them and you can take turns with them.

Now the gardener comes to tell me that there is a fourth fact. He says you can also set the rules for the program in action. Then I say to the gardener, “Hello, take care of your own business.” this is not true. Oh, says the baker, this gardener might be right, because I don’t know anything about programming, and why are you, a programmer, right? I think you can also warm up the program.

I shake my head hard, leaving everyone delusional. Not hurt. But I wonder why the baker doesn’t believe me, I’m the programmer, and the gardener gives the benefit of the doubt. Maybe because the baker thinks everyone is equal. And he believes every opinion has the same value, too.

trust This is where things go wrong because the expertise is unreliable. If I were to grow a plant, I’d call the gardener, not me, a computer programmer. Then you take the wrong turn.

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Many people do the same with the vaccine. They take more time to listen to people who do not understand vaccines than to listen to people who understand vaccines. This is a choice. You consciously choose to be educated by the ignorant ones. While you know that scientists have been busy with their scientific little pieces all their lives. In this little bit of science, they are the best option to count on.

Hassan Trust the cosmic grace. This is what I give the good in our society. There are still adequate control mechanisms. Allowing yourself to be learned by people who have unclear fears and theories is like listening to a baker who initiates programming. Just buy a sandwich from it and go to the vaccination center.

Nando Eskes has an internet company and is the founder of Edesche Concert Hall. This column appears every two weeks. Comments are welcome: [email protected].

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