Chili Tartell bound for US due to illness: 'Chemo every three weeks'

Chili Tartell bound for US due to illness: ‘Chemo every three weeks’

Due to his illness, Cilli could not travel back and forth to the Netherlands to see his children and grandchildren. Nevertheless, she still continues to be seen in our cool little country. He says about this: “Although I am happy with my oncologist here, I am very happy that I can still go to Antony van Leeuwenhoek. It is nice to communicate about your disease in your own language. My American and Dutch oncologists exchange information and scans, that reassures me. .”

She would love to spend some more time in the Netherlands, but according to the host, that’s not possible because she no longer has ‘a place to herself’. Fortunately, he has built a full career in America. “I go to the gym with a friend, and every Wednesday we eat with friends. Don’t imagine too much, mainly chicken wings and burgers, but it’s very convenient,” says Cilli.

After this move the need to go on vacation is greatly reduced. “Every day feels like a vacation, with a porch swing on the tree and our beautiful panoramic view,” she proudly says of her dream home.

“It was good to be here during the lockdowns, I couldn’t travel for a year because of all the restrictions. That’s why I only saw my youngest grandson after two months. It’s great to have FaceTime, but the distance. Sometimes it felt good. Luckily the bond with my kids is strong and they love to see. America is still a wonderful vacation destination for them.”

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