3 tips voor een motorreis door Amerika

3 Tips for a Motorcycle Tour Across America

Taking a trip across America on a motorcycle, you hear it more and more. Because America has a much different landscape than what we’re used to, a motorcycle is a great way to experience the environment. You can pass all kinds of big cities, but small villages are also easily accessible. Do you want to visit well-known nature parks? That too is not a problem with the engine. In short, a fantastic experience for anyone with a motorcycle license! We give you three tips to organize it so that your next vacation is already planned.

Bring your own

The chances of taking your motorcycle with you on a trip through America are slim. It is definitely not recommended based on costs. We recommend bringing your own helmet. Most likely you can Motorcycle helmets You can also rent it on a motorcycle, but how good is it to have your own helmet with you? This way, you can be sure that it is properly adjusted to your contours and that it is a good helmet to wear for long periods of time while driving. A helmet that doesn’t fit properly can be irritating, so bringing your own helmet is a must on such a special trip.

Group travel or individual

It’s up to you to decide how you want to design this trip. Do you want to enjoy a motorcycle trip alone or share it with someone else? Do you want to ride with a committed group or get to know fellow travelers on a group trip? Decide in advance what is suitable for you, because you will have to cover a lot of kilometers. The composition of your group will make or break your trip, so think about it carefully.

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Determine the path

There are many ways you can travel through America. A vast country with countless beautiful trails, each with its own charm. Do you want to drive along the well-known Route 66 or see the lake in front of you as you drive through the northern states towards Canada? If this is your first trip, you have a lot of choices, so research the sights and consider the length of your trip. If you only want to travel for a few days, the Mega Route is not suitable. Allow a few weeks for this trip, otherwise it will be a wasted experience!

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