Cheryl Cole is devastated after being diagnosed with a fellow Girls Aloud

Cheryl Cole is devastated after being diagnosed with a fellow Girls Aloud

Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. It has now spread to other parts of her body and it is expected that she will not live long. Immediately after the diagnosis, the singer decided to go up to the pen to record her life story. She asked her former Girls Aloud classmates to collaborate and of course they didn’t hesitate for a moment. “Her illness hit me hard,” writes Sherrill. listen to meSarah’s diary covers the magazine Cheerfulness Allowed to see.

“Since I talked about it, I can’t think of anything else,” said Sherrill. “I want to be with her the whole time, but of course I can’t.” Because of Corona, Sarah is not allowed to see many people in real life, but due to new technology, more is possible. Sherrill said of Sarah, “Sometimes we talk on FaceTime and then it sounds so strong and we can only talk for hours. On the other hand, it can also be quite stressful.”

“I felt helpless,” explains Sherrill. “It was hard to find the right words when I spoke to her. I couldn’t give myself a stop.” “I want to be there for her, whatever way I want. (…) I hope you don’t regret for a second about the way she arranged her life.” Sarah agrees with her friend Slash at work. The book says, “I try to enjoy every moment, no matter how long it lasts.” listen to meWhich will be released in the UK on March 18th.

Sherrill and Sarah, along with Nicola Roberts, Kimberly Walsh and Nadine Cowell, formed the girl group Girls Aloud in 2002 after participating in Popstars: Competitors. The band won the reality show with their single Sound of the Underground and was a hit after hitting huge hits in the UK. The ladies will be included in the history books as the most successful girl group of the 21st century in Britain.

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