Humberto viewers are shocked at ‘unrecognizable’ Ellemieke Vermolen

Viewers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Ellemieke Vermolen in Humberto on Sunday. According to viewers, Ellemieke has been making fun of herself a lot. He wrote on Twitter, “What happened to her?”

One celebrity after another is getting plastic surgery and Ellemieke Vermolen doesn’t seem averse to pressure here and there. She joined Humberto on Sunday last night and viewers can only gaze at her revamped look. According to viewers, her lips have especially miraculously changed.


A few months ago, Ellemieke shared an “honest” photo of herself that wasn’t wearing any makeup on. Tonight on Shownieuws, I’m going to be talking about why we put on makeup, picture-perfect compression, and Instagram filters. This photo has no filter and I don’t wear makeup! I commented on the photo. Without a filter, but with a filler: her lower lip suddenly became thicker, followers immediately noticed.


And where it was about her lower lip at the time, yesterday’s Humberto viewers were surprised by her upper lip. “Wow Ellemieke Vermolen’s upper lip has its own personality,” one Twitter viewer wrote. Another found the change a “waste” of her good looks. “I didn’t really recognize her. Now she looks like all the other Botox patients. Shame.”

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