Ceremonial opening of the renewed Electron Microscopy Center – News

Schneijdenberg points out that having all the microscopes under one roof is not only highly efficient, but also has another major advantage. Schneijdenberg: “Researchers from different disciplines meet here, use each other’s devices and learn from each other. Who knows what beautiful things will come out of that.”

vibration free environment

At the moment, EMC has about 100 to 120 active users. Achieving a quality facility took some effort. Schneidenberg: “We’ve been working on the new EMC since 2014. Every plug and connection has been discussed.”

The David de Wied Building was chosen as the site for the renovated centre, in part because the building has a shape that absorbs certain ground vibrations and because it is far enough away from the tram tracks. In order to function properly, sensitive microscopes need an environment free of vibrations and electromagnetic radiation. Despite the convenient location and the characteristics of the building, great measures still need to be taken to make the center truly vibration-free. For example, four concrete blocks weighing thirty tons each, which also contained an active and passive dielectric air damper, were placed to ensure a very stable surface.

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