Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: A Rusty Cunt Boat season 2 review

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: A Rusty Cunt Boat season 2 review

Call of Duty: Warzone is already a year old. This month, Battle Royale will be celebrating its first anniversary and also happens to have one. New season I got. Black Ops: Cold War was added to the online hit after six seasons of Warzone: Modern Warfare. After two seasons, BO: Cold War seems to be in control. JJ and Boris did their part in testing Warzone: Season 2. They’ll tell you why you should keep playing and of course also comment on improvement points.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War seizoen 2

The trailer made a beautiful promise. There was something completely new, the impression that many teasers and trailers got. And in some ways, Activision has given us that as well. For players who have Black Ops: Cold War… The new content, including the Battle Pass, has been a great service for Black Ops players especially the past two seasons. That’s where Modern Warfare fans are starting to feel a little underdeveloped. Although Verdansk has received a number of innovations, including a big surprise next to the prison. You can tell that in the once-big, empty field where I really dared to cross with a car, there is now enough cover to be found. And you need to do it with the hustle and bustle present in that corner of the map.

New stuff for Warzone and the fighting with the walking dead

Season 2 offers a lot of new content. The add-ons have been distributed not only to Warzone, but also to Cold War multiplayer and zombies … this season as well. Terribly. a lot of. Zombies … almost Black Ops traditions stand out and we now have our favorite Verdansk holiday island on hold. How? You can find out for yourself just by clicking on this nice play button. Moreover, players can spend a number of days working on the Outbreak event. Similar to last year’s Halloween event, but without the inevitable jumping off concerns. In short, there is a lot to discuss. Get a treat and enjoy the ride.

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