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Microsoft tells The Loadout that it is aware of cases of unresponsive button Xbox Series consoles and is “actively working” to fix the issues.

It looks like it’s mainly about the A, B, X, and Y buttons. These will only work for a while if the problem occurs. Controllers affected by the problem exhibit symptoms when connected to an Xbox as well as a computer, indicating that the problem is with the console itself and not the receiver of its signals. The extent of the problem is not clear at this stage, but the truth is clear Microsoft responds to it He realizes that the problems legitimize the issue.

It is not clear what the final solution will be. If it comes to a problem with the console’s firmware, this can be resolved relatively easily with a firmware update, which can be managed via Windows or Xbox. If it’s a hardware issue, then things get more complicated. Then the controllers should be returned to Microsoft for repair or replacement.

The latest Xbox console was released at the same time as the Xbox Series X | S, but Microsoft is only officially calling it the next generation Xbox controllers. Compared to previous generations, the console received much smaller changes, but in terms of appearance it looks very similar. He also dedicated one Tweakers to its Xbox Series X review. the classroom To the console.

Xbox consoles just can’t have this kind of problem. The new DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 may be related to Drift stick: By default, the console transmits the movement of the joystick without the user touching that stick. There’s even one for this in the US lawsuit; The law firm claims Sony was “aware of the problem,” without disclosing it. Lawyers call Sony’s actions, among other things, “fraudulent” and “illegal”. Also Joy-Cons From the Nintendo Switch this problem appears, but Nintendo has not yet provided a structural solution to this problem, which is to the dismay of consumer organizations.

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