Buy your tickets now!  – herb

Buy your tickets now! – herb

What is the definition of a model city? What will the cities we enjoy living in look like in the future? Peter Vanden Abel and Jeroen de Willigan are the perfect people to have a good dialogue on this topic in Episode 5.

Peter Vanden Abel He is an architect, urban designer and well-known spatial planner. Since 2017 he has been the architect of Ghent, the Flemish “sister city” of Groningen. As an inspirer, organizer, and most important advisor to the City Council, he contributes to the building blocks of sustainable urbanization and the future. He is committed to developing a contemporary architectural culture aiming to appoint designers, oversee iconic construction projects, develop innovative visions for city creation and establish a city-wide dialogue on spatial quality.

Jeroen de Willigan He is Partner and Creative Director at De Zwarte Hond, an architecture, urban planning and strategy office, with offices in Rotterdam, Groningen and Cologne. Between 2015 and 2021 he was the City Architect of Groningen. De Willigen argues in favor of once again adopting the basic principles of urban planning and, above all, of working on the city with love and concern for context.

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