Brunswick: “Somohardjo na a hoop fu den Yampaneisi”

Brunswick: “Somohardjo na a hoop fu den Yampaneisi”

ABOP Chairman and Vice President of Suriname Ronnie Brunswick is happy to see that his friend Paul Somohardjo’s Pertjajah Luhur (PL) is growing again after various ups and downs in recent years and entering its glory days. At the party meeting in connection with the 25th anniversary of the founding of the PL, Brunswick asked the PL members to continue to support Sumoharjo, because, according to him, the PL leader is the hope of the Javanese.

“Masra Somohardjo na a hoop fu den Yampaneisi,” Brunswick said. According to the ABOP leader, Somohardjo, who has 50 years of experience in politics, is an old goat in the Surinamese regime. During these 50 years, he has always given His strength is for the advancement of the Javanese.

He therefore appealed to all Javanese brothers and sisters to support Sumoharjo again in 2025. “Meki den gi supports after Bartjajah Luhor. Meki unu si o Fara a bigi man disi o tjari den sma fu en go doro,” says Brunswick.

Brunswick again said that the accession of the Javanese and Maroons was important to give these groups a better standing. That is why he will ensure that all parties with a Maronite background, including the PJD, work together again at all costs. According to the ABOP leader, these “Maronite parties” could merge into one party or form a group. Likewise, all Javanese parties must join one central party

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“Miki Ono is the father of unity. Meki together in Yampaneisi nanga den buskondre brada form wan unity, wan kofu. And if wan kofu unity is formed, we will never be able to defeat us,” said the ABOP president.

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