A politician refuses to sing the Swedish royal song at the Nobel ceremony

A politician refuses to sing the Swedish royal song at the Nobel ceremony

The grand Nobel celebration kicked off in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, on Sunday evening. Traditionally, the king’s song is sung before dinner begins. This year, leftist politician Noshi Dadgostar refused to sing the song.

Swedish state broadcaster STV will broadcast the ceremony live. Television viewers did not see that Dadgostar, leader of Vänsterpartiet, Sweden’s left-wing party, did not sing along to the King’s song Ur svenska hjärtans djup en gång. It is tradition for everyone present at the party to sing along with the song. Svensk Damtiding reported that the politician did not sing along with the song. It is unclear why Dadgostar remained silent.

The King’s Song, called Kungssången in Swedish, is also sung at the opening of the parliamentary year when King Carl Gustaf visits Parliament. The song is also sung on other occasions in the presence of the king. On these occasions, it often happens that prominent figures do not sing in protest. By the way, Carl Gustav himself never sings. After all, the song is a tribute to him.

Before the Nobel Prize celebration began, Carl Gustav presented a number of Nobel Prizes earlier in the day. However, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

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