British EuroMillions winner of 180 million 'addicted to donate money' |  abroad

British EuroMillions winner of 180 million ‘addicted to donate money’ | abroad

Frances Connolly (55) and her husband Patrick of Hartlepool, northern England, won £115 million (about €180 million) in 2019 with EuroMillions. They agreed on a budget to give to charities each year, but Francis says he “already spent it until 2032”. Connolly estimates she has already made £60m – more than half of her earnings. “But I don’t follow it,” she jokes, “because I’d worry if my husband saw her.”

“Helping others gives you a thrill, it is addictive,” said the social worker and former teacher. She has since founded two charities: one named after her late mother Kathleen Graham in her native Northern Ireland, and PFC . trustShe is a foundation that supports young local caregivers, the elderly and refugees in her hometown.

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shiver in luxury

The Connolly family bought themselves a six-bedroom, seven-acre home after winning it in Durham, but Mr. Connolly still drives a used Aston Martin. However, the idea that they would spend money on luxury yachts makes Frances Connelly shiver: “When I read that someone had spent £25,000 on a bottle of champagne, I immediately thought that with that money they could have helped a young man buy a house.”

“Why am I so happy to donate so much? Why shouldn’t I? I’ve done it all my life. Earning a huge amount of money can change someone’s life, but it doesn’t change your personality. Do I have any advice for someone who also wins the lottery? Money frees you to be the person you want.”

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