Investigation with a British MP who witnessed pornography in Parliament |  Instagram

Investigation with a British MP who witnessed pornography in Parliament | Instagram

The UK Conservative MP, who is reported to be a member of the government, was watching pornography on his smartphone in the UK Parliament. A female colleague sitting next to him reported the incident. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s party is investigating.

According to newspapers the sun And woman The incident was reported yesterday at the House of Representatives meeting. The man who monitors party discipline for Conservatives, Chris Heaton-Harris, declared the investigation into the incident “completely unacceptable.” “Actions will be taken.”

Shocked MPs demanded that the MP in question be expelled from the group, British media reported.

legs crossed

There is already a debate about sexism in politics in the British Parliament these days. For example, Conservative MPs claimed in a British newspaper on Sunday that the Labor Party’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, deliberately put her legs up during her weekly questioning time with the Prime Minister to distract him. Johnson then strongly criticized the anonymous allegations and expressed his support for Renner.

I also mentioned Sunday times On Sunday, he said a broad inquiry into sexual misconduct among British MPs would name at least 56 names, including three ministers. Then Prime Minister Boris Johnson asserted on Wednesday that sexual misconduct can lead to dismissal: misogyny has no place in Parliament.

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