Boskalis reports more earnings and closes 2022 in record orders

Boskalis reports more earnings and closes 2022 in record orders

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Dredger company and marine services provider Boskalis closed 2022 with significantly higher turnover and earnings. The company also has a record number of orders off the shelf. The company notes that 75 percent of these projects are sustainable energy projects. According to Boskalis, the order book forms a solid foundation for 2023 and beyond.

In the past year, Boskalis’ large rigs have been mainly busy with projects in Singapore and the Philippines. Land development for the new Manila International Airport also began in 2022. The volume of transactions increased by 21 percent to 3.6 billion euros last year. Net profit increased by nearly 60 percent to 241 million euros.

The order book reached a record high of €6.1 billion at the end of December. The portfolio increase occurred primarily in the offshore energy segment, due in part to the acquisition of a number of offshore wind projects in the United States. In January, Boskalis announced that it would operate its 100th offshore wind farm in ten years off the US coast.

Boskalis has been involved in making nearly half of all offshore wind farms worldwide in the past decade, according to CEO Peter Berdovsky. The CEO also spoke about a special year for the company. For example, Boskalis had to cease its activities in Russia due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and relocate employees to safety. Boskalis was also delisted last year by major shareholder HAL.

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