The government will further limit the export of chip machines to China | Economy

وقال شرينيماخر: "نريد أيضًا أن نضمن أننا نحافظ على ريادتنا التكنولوجية. ونريد تقليل اعتمادنا الاستراتيجي على الصين". التلغراف.

Afspelen knop

The new rules will come under US pressure

The news agency writes that the fact that new rules will be introduced, especially for the export of chip machines to China, will be the result of pressure from the United States. Reuters. The recent visit by Prime Minister Mark Rutte to US President Joe Biden focused on this issue.

After that visit, it was already leaked at the end of January that the Netherlands, the United States and Japan had reached an agreement on restricting the export of chip technology to China. This news was not confirmed at that time. Washington previously limited its export of chip technology to China.

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