Bitcoin fans create the biggest BTC logo ever in South America

Bitcoin fans create the biggest BTC logo ever in South America

In Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, Bitcoin fanatics have created the largest Bitcoin (BTC) logo. At this event, people gathered for financial freedom, privacy and crypto. It is no coincidence that this event took place in Argentina. The country is facing massive economic problems.

A very large bitcoin logo

The 40 meter Bitcoin logo was created by hundreds of people with orange umbrellas. The logo is clearly visible from the air in a large stadium in the Argentine capital. Organizers of the event hope to inspire global crypto communities.

Bitcoin is very popular in Argentina. The country has been struggling for years with inflation that has hit Argentines hard. Bitcoin offers a solution here. In just a few years, the Argentine peso has lost 99 percent of its value against the dollar. This free fall did not end, and Argentina’s central bank was almost broke.

In the footsteps of El Salvador?

Apart from US Dollars, Bitcoin is most preferred by Argentines. 60 percent of people see Bitcoin as a lifeline against spiraling inflation. Additionally, one of the main contenders in Argentina’s next presidential election is a strong Bitcoin advocate.

According to some polls, Javier Mili has the best chance of becoming the new president of the South American country. In an interview In the past he has spoken harshly about the central bank and ‘corrupt’ politicians for a news programme. Bitcoin, according to Miley, is a way to give money back to the private sector, the original owner of the financial system.

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If Miley does indeed cross the political cobwebs and become Argentina’s president, the country could be following in El Salvador’s footsteps. In 2021, the country introduced Bitcoin as legal tender. Argentina’s presidential election will be held on October 22. So it will have to wait a little longer, but now Bitcoin backer Javier Miele is in good shape.

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