Biden, worried about the chips shortage, organizes a summit at the White House  right Now

Biden, worried about the chips shortage, organizes a summit at the White House right Now

The White House plans to hold a meeting with several companies to discuss the global shortage of chips. The lack of chips mainly affects the production capacity of the automotive sector. In addition to companies from the auto and chip sector, companies from the medical technology and technology sector have also been invited, according to the news agency. Bloomberg Based on insiders.

The planned summit shows that concerns about the global chip shortage are growing. The shortage affects the production capacity of car manufacturers, but consumers may also notice it due to the limited supply of popular products such as PlayStations and Xbox Consoles. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are also facing production problems.

At the summit, slated for April 12, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and President Joe Biden, Economic Adviser Brian Deiss, will address the impact of the global chip shortage. They also want to discuss with business leaders how the world can emerge from this crisis. Companies such as auto maker Samsung Electronics, car maker General Motors and Global Foundries chip company were invited.

The chip shortage arose because during the pandemic there was a much greater demand for products such as laptops, computers and cell phones for people who work from home. At the same time, people are searching for entertainment, which means that gaming consoles, for example, are searched for with passion. The auto industry has been hit hard as it has cut production and cut orders for chips at the time of the first decline in Corona. When the market boomed again, chip manufacturers now received many other orders that arose long delivery times for chips from car manufacturers.

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Biden’s recent $ 2 trillion infrastructure plan also allocates $ 50 billion to the US chip industry. Among other things, that money should be used to build productive capacity in the United States. Taiwanese chip maker TSMC, among others, has already announced that it wants to build a chip plant in the United States, and chip maker Intel also wants to build and expand plants in the United States.

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