Brits will soon be able to take a free express test twice a week |  right Now

Brits will soon be able to take a free express test twice a week | right Now

Residents of Great Britain can take a free express test twice a week starting April 9. The British government announced this on Monday. Residents receive tests that are delivered home, or they can purchase them at their workplace or local test lanes. Tests are also administered in schools.

A testing program, such as vaccinating the population, should help ease coronavirus measures in Great Britain. The government also hopes to quickly spot outbreaks in this way.

So far, the British can only get a free express test if they belong to a high-risk group or have to leave their homes to go to work.

to me Sky News Rapid tests are mainly for people without symptoms who may spread the coronavirus without their knowledge. According to the government, rapid tests revealed more than 120,000 infections that would not otherwise be detected.

On Sunday, the United Kingdom recorded the lowest number of Corona cases since September. The total number of people who received their first dose of vaccine is 31,523,010 and the number who received a second dose is 5,381,745.

Monday more information about the UK road map

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will update the UK’s roadmap for coronavirus measures on Monday and announce plans to reopen the country’s economy.

Johnson is expected to announce the reopening of non-essential stores and hairdressers on April 12. It is also likely to provide more clarity about the Corona passport trial that will begin on April 16. This means that people with a vaccination certificate or a recent negative result can attend sports matches or other events, for example.

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