Biden after Trump's acquittal: Democracy is fragile

Biden after Trump’s acquittal: Democracy is fragile

Trump received a lot of criticism last month after the storming of Parliament, including from his own party. He was accused of inciting his supporters.

Trump has not been indicted because he requires a two-thirds (67 votes) majority in the Senate. All 50 Democratic senators voted for the conviction, plus 7 Republicans. Never before has a party member turned down such a large number of senators in such a vote.

Biden: Although the final vote did not lead to an indictment, the content of the indictment is not in question. Even those who voted against the conviction, such as Republican faction leader Mitch McConnell, feel Trump is guilty of disgraceful dereliction of duty and process. He was morally responsible for fomenting the violence on the Capitol. “

Face lies

According to Biden, recent events have made it clear that democracy must always be defended. “We must always be vigilant. Violence and extremism have no place in America. And that each of us has a duty and responsibility as Americans, and especially as leaders, to defend the truth and fight lies.”

In the statement, Biden also said his thoughts are with the agent who was killed while Trump supporters stormed Parliament.

Pelosi: Cowardly Republicans

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi harshly criticized the 43 Republicans who voted against the conviction of their party member. “What we saw in the Senate today was a bunch of cowardly Republicans,” Pelosi said.

She blamed Trump supporters in the Senate for showing little respect for their institution, which was stormed by supporters of the then president on January 6. Pelosi noted that the rioters were chanting that Vice President Mike Pence should be executed.

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“They are just ignoring it. Why? Maybe they can’t get another job,” the Democrat complained, “The Republican leader in the Senate was particularly affected. Mitch McConnell criticized Trump, but nevertheless voted for Trump’s acquittal. He was alleged to have argued in a letter to party members that the Senate had no authority to prosecute a former president.

Trump is one of a small group of presidents who have been impeached in Parliament. Democrat Andrew Johnson had the support of all senators from his party in his impeachment trial in 1868. That was no different at the 1999 Bill Clinton trial. Not a single Democratic senator voted with the Republicans.

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