The Senate acquits Trump in his impeachment trial

The Senate acquits Trump in his impeachment trial

A stained legacy

Before this trial began, Senate Democrats already knew the chance of Trump being convicted was very slim. Their charges have often become an emotional argument with little to no new facts or evidence. Mainly, Democrats have used this accountability to warn once again that Trump is a danger to the country.

Senator Jimmy Raskin, chair of the impeachment committee, said: “If he’s allowed to return to the Oval Office, Trump will once again incite violence to make his way.” Democrats hope that this message will remain with the public after this impeachment process.

According to the more conservative Wall Street Journal, they succeeded. “Now Trump’s legacy will forever remain tainted by violence. And by betraying his supporters because he refused to tell them the truth,” the newspaper wrote in an unusually harsh comment this week.

Support Trump

At the same time, this innocence may actually increase Trump’s influence in the Republican Party. He turned twice accuseBut he was also acquitted twice, which would surely portray him as a victory.

This impeachment was the first test of party ties since Trump’s resignation. It is now quite clear that the Trump camp among the Republicans remains in control. The vast majority of Republican senators will not bring down Trump. They are clearly studying the fact that Trump’s support is still good for their chances in elections in 2022 and 2024, if many of the senators themselves are to be reelected.

For some Republican senators, prejudging Trump was not an option, as they were also indirectly on trial. After the election, they supported Trump’s story that the result was incorrect and voted against Joe Biden’s victory. With Trump found guilty of sedition, they will also declare themselves guilty.

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