Bettina Hollwerda fed up with questions about age difference: 'Not interesting'

Bettina Hollwerda fed up with questions about age difference: ‘Not interesting’

Bettina holds a Q&A with her followers on her Instagram stories. When asked if she is at all unsafe because Jim is younger, she reacts firmly. “I always find it boring to answer because I have to think about it afterwards and find it uninteresting and out of the question.”

It’s like if you like smoked chicken. “Just uninteresting.”

She says she was recently called in by Jim’s teacher after someone asked if Bettina had taught him so much because of the age difference. “So Jim mentioned a few small things.” She does not like the term teacher at all. “Can you actually photograph it?”

Bettina was also asked if she was jealous of Jim kissing so many other women in the movies. And with all his rom-coms there are quite a few. She can also be brief about this: “No. I prefer to spend my energy positively.

Jim and Bettina met in 2006 when they starred in the musical fat game. Five years later, they tied the knot. Together they had three children: Lux, Posey, and Molly.

Bettina now explains that combining parenthood and work has sometimes been very difficult. Especially when Jim for the movie Our children in Miami for operation in the United States. Their youngest daughter, Molly, was three months old at the time. She only drank with me, so it was impossible to arrange a grandmother for a babysitter. But she also taught me a lot. Above all: leave.

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