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Well, no, I think that’s the point. Are you sitting there with this whole bunch of launchers that you have to install specifically for that one game.

Yes, I understand that this is undesirable, but this is not my point.

This paper now compares a (racing) bike to a car because they can both go from A to B (launching the game), then analyzes that the car has a speaker, radio, navigation, etc. referring to the bike “no” because it doesn’t have any of the these.

These triggers are only intended to be their own ecosystem in which they can arrange updates, news, and other things. These are not launchers that offer games from other developers in addition to their own products. So I don’t find such an interesting comparison at all between Steam and those types of launchers.

The only logical comparison is:
the origin
Epic Games Launcher

And to a lesser extent:
Microsoft Store

The Discord Store and Twitch Store also disappeared several years ago, is more for indie games and you can’t put yourself in the same class. So this list is not only full of unnecessary information, in my view, but it is also full of outdated information.

If we were to add these types of launchers, you could dump Paradox Launcher, Larian Launcher, and dozens of other game company launchers on that list, but again that’s not very interesting because a number of these functions are only interesting if you have games from multiple developers.

To be sure, I also find it annoying to use these types of ecosystem launchers because I only play one game from a developer like that, although I found that less annoying with World of Warcraft ( because I played it every day and just pretty much a lot.

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Personally, I prefer seeing only one-stop play store launchers, so launchers provide games from multiple developers (like Steam), so you can still get some innovation/competition between stores as a customer. If I can buy a game for 35 euros on the Epic Games store or the same game on Steam for 45 euros, I simply buy it from Epic, because I don’t cling to myself as some people do on Steam.

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