The new launch of the Artemis moon rocket has been postponed for at least several weeks

The new launch of the Artemis moon rocket has been postponed for at least several weeks

This is the second time that the launch has been canceled from the Kennedy Space Center in the US state of Florida. It happened on Monday too.

Bug fix

There were a few opportunities to try again next week, but at a NASA press conference tonight, it became clear that’s too early. Additional investigations should show how much time it took to fix the defect that occurred today.

This happened while filling the rocket tank with liquid hydrogen. Technicians could not solve the problem in time, after which the launch teams of the US space agency advised NASA to stop the launch.

There is no danger

More clarity will come after the weekend about when the third attempt will take place. NASA indicated that it did not want to risk: it could be the end of September, and maybe even the end of October.

Monday was my first try canceled After one of the four engines on board the rocket failed to reach the correct temperature. NASA technologies also detected a hydrogen leak, which has been brought under control.

There were no people on board the rocket. The flight aims to test all systems. It’s a rehearsal for manned flights to the moon in a few years.

The most powerful missile ever

For the mission, the most powerful rocket ever built, the SLS, is led by the rover that will go to the moon, Orion. The rear, which provides power and propulsion, was developed by Europe. The solar panels that generate electricity come from Leiden.

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