Bergen Residents Abroad: Uri Klaver Kayaked Over America’s Rooftops for Three Years (Video)

He traveled more than 3000 km in a non-motorized kayak through the rough, unpredictable seas of Alaska and Canada.

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Sudden storms, bears, dangerous currents, ice and the unexpected are the ingredients for this adventure. Subtly, day-by-day and with a sense of understatement, he describes sometimes creepy events that rarely end well. For example, Yuri tells how he wears a fur hat and spends the night in a sleeping bag at minus 32 degrees Celsius, only to arrive at the hospital in time with frozen toes.

He also sees the boat drifting. Respect for his coolness and the way he picked up the thread again and didn’t let himself get crushed. Philosophical matters are also covered; They are referred to as the green-right philosophy described in the numbered paragraphs. The author himself mentions that you can skip these stanzas if you wish. A fascinating travelogue of the unexplained, with handy survival tips. Unique design, beautifully and enthusiastically written. (Critic: A. van der Eyck.)

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