Belgian Cats trainden samen met olympisch titelverdediger Amerika: “Een welgekomen prikkel”

Belgian cats Olympic champion Am …

Due to the very strict measures and regulations, the Belgian cats were able to play in very few matches against other countries. “We were expecting three games in Japan. We were only allowed one game. You were there or not. When permission was granted to some countries. The lack of training matches was an evil.”

A solution has been sought and found, the best possible. National coach Philip Mestak: “We played a closed ‘training’ against Team USA. They came to pick us up and they took us to their training facilities. It wasn’t a real match, but we practiced together. That extra training stimulus is welcome. “Belgian cats ready for Olympic debut, against Superpower Australia on Tuesday:” I don’t know if we’re ready. We’ll be good, but I don’t know if we’ll get 100 percent first. I have some doubts left and right: In the face of so much opposition, how do we react to pressure? Because you can train and work as hard as you want, but those competitive situations are a different matter. Against the Australians (their first opponent), canceled practice matches should not be an exception because they did not play after two games. “

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